Sunday, July 31

Banana pikelets

Mary, here is the recipe

Serves 6

1 1/4 cups self raising flour
2 egg whites
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda
3/4 cup skim milk
3/4 cup mashed ripe bananas (2-3 bananas)

Beat egg whites, sugar and milk together for 1 minute in a medium sized mixing bowl. Stir bicarb soda into mashed bananas and add to bowl. Gently fold in flour till combined. Coat a frypan with cooking spray. Drop spoonfuls onto pan, when mixture starts bubbling turn over and cook other side. Repeat till all mixture has been used. Makes approx 24 pikelets.
fat .4
kj 763
cal 182

These days the primary school is in to healthy eating and recycling - the boys even get little certificates if they have a no wrapping lunch - so I brought them a tupperware lunchbox which keeps everything fresh ( and if they break - I get it replaced for free!!!)

I have another recipe that I was given at weigh in that I am going to try today - I have to have something to serve at my scrapbook party on Tuesday :)
If it works out I will post it later!!

Friday, July 29

I had a show meeting last night - so it was great to have a sleep in this morning.
I made the boys banana piklets for lunch, out of the 1st Annette Sym book and they went down well. Jason's homework this week is to bring in a recipe that is healthy, and that he likes to eat!
The class is going to be making a healthy recipe book. I will make some more piklets on sunday night for him to take with his recipe.
Thankyou for all your lovely comments about my loss - I will be working this week to make sure it doesn't follow :)
I just heard Oprah come on and it has Kirsty Alley on - so will sign off and go watch, this maybe the show M was talking about in her post today *wink*
Hope everyones weekend is great - not much planned here :)

Thursday, July 28

...the wait is over... I lost .1!!

Very happy with that as I thought I was going to gain up to a kilo:)
It has been a good day today - first my weigh in, then I went to Target and got a wrap cardigan the price tag said $69.99 and it rang up at $20.50, so I brought a pair of black trackies as well!
And when I got home I found that my craft trolley had arrived, with paper as well for scrapbooking, so I have spent the afternoon stocking it with all my scrapbook stuff.
Also while I was in Big W , they had dvd's for $8 each - so I got Carmen Electra fit to strip no4 and a movie for the boy's - flight of the navigator- a movie I saw and enjoyed when I was a kid.
The boys have no school tommorrow so I will give it to them when they ask for something to do!

Well must go get Jason ready for Karate!
Hope everyone is having a great day :)

Wednesday, July 27

Feeling Blah

Weigh in tommorrow and I think I will be in for a gain :(

I'm feeling yuk today as yesterday my eating was not flash, I went with Jason on an excursion to the Vic market and then to an enviroment park (CERES) - where the kids had great fun learning about recyling and making paper. Lunch was provided and I only had one litre of water because I did not have the luxury to run to he loo when ever I pleased. The ones at Ceres were horrible - the were compost toilets, just a seat with a hole in the ground!
The kids all went to go - but nobody was game to go
At the market I brought a yummy garlic turkish bread - I was just going to have half for tea, but it was so nice I ended up eating the lot!
Since I wasn't home I have not done any exercise - I will be very good today to hopefully minimise the gain.
Well better go get some exercise done!
Have a great day everyone:)

Sunday, July 24

Today has been pretty quiet - Last night the family went to a chinese resturant to celebrate my brothers 21st. We all ordered a dish each and put it into the middle to share, and then ate from those little bowls. I think I did ok eating wise. I took 3 bottles of skyy lemon and lime and stuck to that though dinner. Afterwards we went back to Dads for a few drinks - I had one can of scotch, then stopped as I was driving. I was offered another later on, and I put it in my bag and brought it home:)
Today's eating;
Breakfast was instant oats with some prunes ( a tip from my weigh in group)
I had a really yummy lunch today - a wholemeal tortilla with salad, a little bit of cooked chicken topped with some sweetchilli sauce mixed with kraft free mayo - Just as nice as my favorite sweet chilli twister from KFC, and much better for me!
And tonight we are having apricot chicken, with potato and beans
I am on my third litre of water too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend - sounds like alot of cleaning has been going on:)

Saturday, July 23

My long weightloss journey

I was not a fat kid - I was always the shortest and looking back I was tiny.
In high school my weight was around 55kilo's which isn't big, although I always thought I had big thighs/butt.
When I was nineteen I started working nightshift for Australia Post. My eating was all over the place - I used to have dinner on the way to work, usually a drive through, then at midnight had supper at the canteen (full of fat) and munched on choc and coffee with lots of milk and sugar at night to keep awake. I used to go to bed as soon as I came home ( so no breakie) and just pick when I woke in the afternoons. I hardly cooked at all!
-around this time I was well into the 70's
I fell pregnant with Jason when I was 21 - and did not improve with my eating. I worked up until a few weeks before the birth where I was weighing late 80's.
I took a year off after having Jason - being at home, less money I comfort ate myself up to 95 kilo's!
I went back to work part time when Jason was one - was not eating full meals as I was working at the GPO which did not have a canteen (which
I fell pregnant with Luke not long after - my 1st checkup weight was 88 kilo's. We had moved up here by then. It was 1 1/2 hours drive at night for work, and I ended up leaving as Vic didn't want me going that far whilst being pregnant! ( He actually drove me to work when I was preg with Jason)
Luke's pregnancy went well, I actually lost weight! my checkup book shows only a difference in a few hundred grams. That was because I was eating better - and we have stairs in this house- so was doing some exercise!
When Luke was a few weeks old I found out I had gallstones - when I first got the pain I thought I was in labor again... I told Vic that they must have left a baby
The pains got so bad that every 2nd day I was given pethadine shots, I could not have anything with oil or dairy. For two months I lived on vegies and dry biscuits, consenquently I got down to the low 70's. One I had the operation, I could eat anything I want - so I did!
Now forward a few years...
Two weeks before Lukes 3rd birthday I hurt my back- I didn't think to much of it, but by the morning I could not move without very intense pain ( which I felt was worse than labor) down my left side. I was taken to hospital by ambulance. I had back spasms and had to stay in hospital flat on my back for a week - then the second week had to use a walking frame. I came home the day before lukes birthday. It took about two weeks to not be moving stiffly again.
I weighed myself in hospital and was very shocked to read 98 kilo's!!
My doctor was telling me I had to lose weight, and I did not want to get to 100kilo's, so I was shocked into action! - around this time I did ww at home!
I started walking - doc's advice and found my back felt better for it!
In the next couple of months I had got down to 85 kilo's - just by eating better and walking!
I was going ok - but was relaxing a bit as I was not accountable to anyone.
My mum had started going to the town club a few months before, when I got up to 88 I started going with her.
Last october I got down to 75 kilo's which I was really happy about.
My Nan died in Oct, my eating was good, then was my 30th and after all the stress, I just ate whatever - and could not get back on track. I got up to 86 the other week!

Now I have started anew - and am doing well. I have lost 2.3 in 2 weeks so hopefully it will be downwards from here:)

Friday, July 22

Another great weigh in result, yesterday I lost .6 - which comes to a total of 2.3 kilo's lost since my new start!

I was reading M's blog last night, she was talking about writing something you are grateful for everyday, helps increase the chance on keeping focused to your goal.
So one thing I am thankful for is that while on this journey I have learn't to be a more adventurous cook. Before I found cooking to be a real chore, most was just meat and potato and vegies (boring), or else easy meals. For example I would make a lasagne with ready made pasta sauce - now I make my own sauce with fresh ingredients! I have really come to enjoy cooking and my husband does not miss the boring

At my weigh in group we have to write a small piece on our weight history - I realised looking back I have not written it here either, So when I get it done I will post it here too.

Hope everyone is having a great friday :)

Tuesday, July 19

I have not updated for a while - as I have been super busy!
On friday I had lunch with a girlfriend at the pub, she has just brought a house in the next town so it was a little get together to celebrate. I made good eating choices, and only had 1 scotch (as I did have to pick the boys up later on)
On saturday I cleaned out my fridge - so now it is full of fresh vegies all in plain view:)
On Sat night we went to a country theme dance - run by the local football club, we had to take nibbilies so I made a plate of low fat cheese, crackers and pickled onions and some chips for the boys. Supper was provided - which was a beef roll with gravy which I had with no butter. My only problem was I only planned on having 1 alcohol drink and I took a bottle of water as well. But my dad kept bringing me opened cans -and after the 2nd one I got the taste for it:(
I did do alot of dancing though - which not to long ago, I would have never got up due to being self concious. My hubby was happy as he always wants to get up and dance!
Yesterday I went for a ride with a friend to Daylesford - she has to work there next weekend so we went to see how to get there. The place she will be waitressing was huge, the manager let us go for a look around - we could have easily gotten lost!
Well this is getting long so will stop here and check out all your blogs!

Thursday, July 14

Guess what!!!

I could not believe it when I got on the scales - I lost 1.7kg this week.

Today at weigh in one of the girls brought in 10 kilo's of fat ( from the butchers)
It was a real eye opener - one of the girls had to walk out of the room she was so grossed out!
She also had little snaplock bags with the fat content of certain things, like a tim tam ect
- I will definently be staying away from

I was talking to my mum today, and she told me that there is a work reunion planned for september. We both used to work for Australia Post in the city. I have not seen most of these people since Jason was a baby ( approx 85-90kg's ago) So I am determined to lose a decent amount of weight before then!

Well I am going to see if I can post a few photo's

Wednesday, July 13

I have not really posted about what I have been doing lately - all has been good. I have been exercising 30 min on my mini tramp every day. I have been drinking my 3 litres of water and my eating has been good too, even though I have added a few treats!
So hopefully a good result for weigh in tommorrow:)
We are home early today as Auskick was cancelled due to the rain. There are only a few more weeks to go, so hopefully no rain for the next few wednesdays!

I am going to my first scrapbook 'workshop' tonight. It is supposed to be different from a home class, not quite sure exactly how, but I am very excited! ( also great to great out of the house for the evening)

I also got my confirmation back to do another short course - this one is Food hygiene, will fit with the responsible service of alcohol one I did a few weeks ago. This one goes for three sessions - three tuesday nights in a row starting on the 16th of August!

Well must go get dinner ready before I go out :)

Tuesday, July 12

I was tagged by Jodie

Three names I go by;
1. Lee
2. Leanneabell ( my dad calls me this)

Three screen names I've had;

Three physical things I like about myself;
1. My cheekbones
2.My eyes
3.My skin

Three physical things I don't like about myself;
1.My stomach bat wings weight

Three parts of my heritage;
3.aboriginal - my dad thinks my mum had some in her!

Three things I'm wearing right now;
1. Jeans
2.long sleeve multicolor top
3. purple slippers

Three favorite bands/musical artists;
1.Maroon 5
2.Robbie williams

Three favorite songs;
1. La La - ashlee simpson
2.almost here - delta goodrem
3.this love - maroon 5

Three things I want in a relationship;
3.great times

Two truths and a lie;
1.I have two sons
2.I have run a marathon
3. In my family (brothers and sisters)I am the eldest (30) and the youngest is 2

Three things about the preferred sex that appeal to you;
1.Nice smile
2.great butt
3.great sense of humor

Three favorite hobbies;
2.Cross stitch

Three thing I want to do badly right now;
1.go on a cruise lotto
3.have a massage

Three things that scare me; passing away
2.big spiders

Three of my daily essentials;
2.purse keys

Three careers you are considering, or have considered;
1.aged care
Three places you want to go on vacation;
2.hawiai - to meet some of you

Three kids names you like;

Three things you want to do before you die;
1.See my children grown up and happy
2.Have grandchildren
3.Go on a cruise with hubby

Three ways I am sterotypically a boy; driving fast
2.don't mind getting dirty
3.can burp alot

Three ways I am sterotypically a girl; cooking
2.I love pretty things to flirt

Three celeb crushes;
1.Nick Cage
2.Richard Gere
3.Tom Willaims

Passed on to

Sunday, July 10

Stress Management

Picture yourself near a stream.
Birds softly chirping in the crisp, cool mountain air.
Nothing to bother you here.
No one knows this secret place.
You are in total seclusion from that place 'the world'
The soothing sound of a waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
The water is so can easily make out the face
Of the person whose head you are holding underwater.
There now... feeling better??


All is great!

Things have been really good the last few days - I have had my water and exercised and I am feeling so much better for it!
I had dinner with my sister who turned 19 yesterday, even though I had some cake and alcohol I did not go overboard.
I have been going through healthy recipes, and I have a list for the rest of the week.
We are having chicken curry tonight, something I cooked for hubby a while ago -and he didn't realise it was low fat!

...also congratulations to Karen who announced her pregnancy yesterday!!

Friday, July 8


Here is a photo of my little brother in front of one of the cars.
They gave him a copy of this photo with his name and date on it,
laminated as a keepsake.
When driving the fastest speed he got up to was 170kmph.
His girlfriend was not looking forward to him driving

Yay - I finally got some photo's working, those are of the boys at the park yesterday!

The photo here is of the boys in front of the car my brother drove.
Had a really early morning, left home just before seven to get down to calder raceway. It was great, the kids had a ball. I had a bowl of porridge before I left. Afterwards we all went to
Highpoint and the kids had mcdonalds, I had a kfc burger with a small potato and gravy. I have drunk a litre of water so far (the most I have drunk for a while:) Dinner will be maybe cheese on toast , as I am already too tired to

Thursday, July 7



Well weighed in this morning - gained 2.7 arghh

I am glad this weigh week is over - I will be back to it this week. I have noticed that while eating crap I have had headaches, been really tired and a little constipated, so I am looking forward to feeling great again!

I took the boys to a huge park in sunbury today, so have already had some exercise running around after them.

About the car - it's in at the panel beaters, with insurance we should pay $450 excess - but the guy said maybe (fingers crossed) that we may not have to pay that - since noone was in the car at the time of the accident. It is up to the assesor. The tire marks are still pretty deep in the yard across the road and the police came and took photo's. Will just have to wait and see.

Tommorow morning we are going to calder raceway to watch my brother drive a rally car - the boys can't wait! It is my brothers 21st present from the family.His birthday isn't till the 21st July we will be going out for dinner then. It is my sister Jenny's birthday on Saturday too!
- but I am going to be really great foodwise :)

Well I brought a folder thingy to put all my scrapbook stickers in, so will go and organise that!

Monday, July 4

I'm back!

Sorry for no update for the last few days - since it's school holidays, I have been staying down town with my sister. It was her sons 1st birthday on saturday!

This week has been pretty crap eating wise - It started on Thursday, I gained .7 . I was not happy I did not expect a loss since I didn't do alot of exercise, but I did soo good with my eating...
But now I have stuffed up for next week weigh in big time...

Because I have not been at home in my junk food free enviroment, I have been eating out every night -and way to much! Today is the first that I have drunk water. I am too scared to get on the scales!!

Other news - my husband left his car out the front last night and at 3am, some drunk driver smashed into it, damaging the left side lights and indicater and the bumperbar. He took it for a quote today and it comes to $3,000 damage. So I have been stress eating toaday too!

I think my plan will be to write off this week - and start anew on Thursday:)