Sunday, April 29

It's been a while since I wrote a proper post:)

I'm happy to say that things are going really well now!!
Malcolm was sent home from hospital on Friday... he is staying at Dads for a while, is is so glad to finally be home!! He has a nurse come in daily to dress his wounds, and is on a fair bit of medication, but he is much brighter being able to do his own thing:)

As things have been settling down lately, I have tried to eat more healthy, and have been drinking heaps of water. This week I started going to water aerobics with a friend, and I am really enjoying it....I was even rewarded with a kilo loss this week:) I am hoping to follow suit again next week. Now that I have worked out what a huge stress eater I am going to have to be really careful.

Sorry I haven't been around to other blogs lately...will get a few read this afternoon:)

Tuesday, April 17

I could do with one of

Monday, April 9

Hope you had a great Easter, whatever you got up to during the long weekend:)

My brother is still in hospital – so most of the time was spent keeping him company. He has been having surgery (on Good Friday and Easter Sunday) to cut out infected tissue and to drain fluid. After the last one he has a machine connected (VAC) to draw out the oxygen to help the healing process – I took a look at the Dr’s notes and he is to be hooked up to this machine until the 25th of this month, so it’s looking like it will be quite a while till he will be able to come home – since after all this, he will need skin grafts to fix the holes (3 at the moment) in his leg.

I have been reading the Peaches and Cream website forum which was started by the lovely Brooke… a subject which I have found really interesting after reading Brooke’s, Kate’s and Lisa Jane’s blogs…it’s not a diet, just being more aware of your eating…not depriving yourself.
At the moment with life being so busy, any eating plans, and exercise plans have completely been abandoned, between having the boys on holidays, working and spending time with Malcolm I have not had much time for anything else. To top it off my washing machine broke down the other day, so now I have to add trips to the Laundromat as well. I am so tired. I have found the last few weeks I have eaten chocolate everyday in the evenings, as a comfort, the kids and hubby have gone to bed so I can have a bit of ‘Me’ time!

I have been listening to my body the last day or so ~ even though my eating has been less than ideal, last night I was watching TV when everyone else was sleeping ( I have become a night owl of late) and I knew there was left over Easter chocolate in the pantry, I was so close to get up and eat it, but I said to myself, I don’t really feel like choc, I just want it because it is there – it felt great not to eat it for no reason, I think this IE makes a lot of sense. I am not drinking water religiously like before – but now I find I am craving water (like I used to crave soft drink) –which is great!
So…even though I am not focusing on losing weight at the moment…at least I am still learning something…Thank you Brooke for starting the forum:)

Had a sneak peek on the scales and it wasn’t great – I’m not going to stress about it now. I believe stressing over negative things doesn’t help. I am doing my best to find positives in everything, as being negative just brings me down, and make me feel depressed, and I really hate feeling that wayJ

I have been listening to others around me and am really noticing the negativity in my family, being around all that makes me feel blah and I compensate by eating.
Now my main priority is Vic and my boys – I don’t want my boys to grow up in the negative environment that I did.

One thing that had really worried me lately is that when Jason is bored, he goes straight to the pantry for a snack….did I teach him this??
How can I break this cycle?? I don’t want to teach my boys unhealthy eating habits!!

Well this has gotten a bit long…you deserve a medal if anyone is still reading:)
Have a great week!!

Friday, April 6

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 2

Wedding Photo's

Here are a few wedding photo's;
Between working and being in the hospital, I have not had alot of time to get online:) This is Dad and his new wife

Here is a family shot Jennifer, Dad, Colleen, Brendan, me and Amanda -

This is my little sister Shannen - she was flower girl:)

These are two of my uncles (Dads brothers) listening to the football during the ceremony.

Here is Brendans little boy, Tyson with Jason's sunnies on.

My two boys...

Vic and myself

The cake

The wedding went well...wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I spent most of the time catching up with relies that I have not ween for a while.
The day had many of us teary eyed...Malcolm was told at the last minute that he was not to be allowed to get out of hospital for the day, in fact they booked him in for surgery on the same afternoon to cut out the infection, and to drain fluid from the leg. I saw him sunday when the nurse was changing the dressing, and they have cut a hole the size of a golf ball, so he will need a skin graft to cover it once it heals.
I just got a phone call, they are putting him back into surgery tommorrow afternoon to drain some more fluid...and now he may be stuck in there for at least two weeks...he is so upset that this is dragging on, and he is in heaps of pain, not to mention he is so bored in there!!
....this blog is about healthy eating eh...well I have not really thought about it since Mal went into hospital, I have not cooked anything the moment I am just concentrating on Mal...everything else can just wait!!
Well I must get to bed, as it will be another long day tommorrow:)