Wednesday, July 2

Have finally posted after a long absence:)

Saturday, March 29

A long over due post at my private blog!

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Tuesday, January 8

New post over at my new blog!!

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Thursday, January 3

new year - new blog

I have decided to make a fresh go of it and start a new blog-
You can find me here
I have decided to keep it private as its hard to know who is reading in 'real life'
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Wednesday, December 26

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!

We spent the day relaxing at my brothers house.... he has 170 acres, so the kids had a ball riding motorbikes and spending time with all their cousins. When we got home a girlfriend came over for a quiet drink which was nice.

After all the rushing around in the lead up to the day, it is great for it to be over so I can slow down a bit:) I did well foodwise - didn't diet, just ate normal...had a few drinks, and I was happy to see this morning that I only gained .2 for the day:)

Vic is off work for 3 weeks, so I will be taking advantage of him being home to get to the gym as often as I can - in past years over the christmas break ( my next real weigh in is on the 11th) I normally gain at least 3 kilo's...I am determined it won't happen this year!!

I have a huge box of chockies sitting in the cupboard which I was given during the week from work - Last thursday night we had a huge storm and the whole store flooded, we had to close, and then spent the next couple of hours mopping up water....was quite a workout...the owner was grateful that we stayed to help that he gave us all choc and a six pack of cans ( they are gone I will not be opening the box...because I know I will end up eating the lot - I may just give them away I think!!

I hope you are all having fun over the holidays - I am back to work on friday!