Monday, January 30

I exercised!

Thankfully it's alot cooler here today - not sure how long it will last though!

I am happy to report that for the first time (this year) I have actually done some planned exercise (shocking, I know)...And I feel so great for doing it!
Lately I think (know) I have been avoiding exercise...all I needed to do was to start (..who woulda thought it would be that easy:)
Looking over my diary - I noticed that I kinda didn't track my eating over the last few weeks - I only started properly this Saturday (very slack, I know) - no wonder I have not been getting anywhere much weight wise!
The boys go back to school tommorrow (yay!) We are all organised! Luke can't wait to go back - Jason is not as enthusiastic!!

Last week we had Antenna guys over to connect an antenna to Vic's shed ( will be great during footy season!) While they were here I got them to look at the connections in the boys rooms - apparently they were not connected properly by previous owners. So now the boys have their own tv's which means they have not used the 'playroom' upstairs. I am planning to clean the room out - it still has boxes from when we moved in ( before I was pregnant with Luke!)
I want to throw out all the broken toys, and get rid of things we won't use any more - as I see it, if we have not missed the things in boxes for this long - we probably don't need it! I might even put a table up there for my scrapbooking!
I also need to go in and clean the boys rooms - to get rid of alot of junk they have accumulated over the holidays. Luke's is the worst - he is a hoarder (like his mum!)

So it sounds like a busy week planned for me:)

Hope all are having a great week!

Friday, January 27

Wow it has been so hot the last few day's, even though it rained last night - it is so muggy here!

I weighed in yesterday with a little .1 loss - I did not expect it to be much as not much exercise has been happening latley. Also it was my father in laws 77th birthday on tuesday - so we took him out to the pub for tea, then came home to have cake - and I did have some:)
He is going home tonight on the boat (to tassie)- so I will be able to get back into the exercise TOMMORROW!

We went out to a friends for a BBQ last night (for Australia day) and I had a few drinks - so with a mini hangover and this heat - my head is POUNDING!

The boys are back at school on tuesday - so I will be able to get back ino a daily routine, which will be great!

Well I'm off to read a book in a cool bath!
Hope everyone is having a great week:)

Monday, January 23

Sorry for the lack of update, my computer kinda died, I have managed to revive it for the moment - I really need a new one - so I need to start saving!!
I am really doing it basic at the moment, I will need to reload my photo program - Just need to find the disk ( so it could be a while)

Not being able to read blogs has been so hard ~ I have really missed all of you, not being able to read what people are getting up to.
I weihed in during the week and lost .4 which is not too bad as it's been a really crappy week - Jason has had a bug since last wednesday, and is only just starting to feel normal again - he has not touched the playstation at all - so we knew he was bad!!
It has been hard with the father in law here too - he is a tad annoying - though he does not mean to be; it's just that I am used to having my own space. It has been so hot - but I can't strip down to keep and because I have been getting up to Jason during the night - I am very grumpy from lack of sleep!!!

Even hough I did have a loss this week ~ I really need to start getting my act together! I had to wear a skirt to work on Saturday night ( for a wedding) and it is starting to get tight, which is not good, before christmas it fitted ok and I only have one skirt for work - and only intend to buy another when this one is to big!!

I spent the last few days (getting rid of cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. We had a few dinner sets and glasses still upstairs - which were wedding presents (5 years in feb!)
so I boxed all the old stuff and replaced with all the new. Then I did the tupperware cupboard and found all the lids to the containers and put them all together ( to hubby's delight!)
Nex came the pantry... threw out all the crap!! So now I have a healthy, clean pantry!
I will do the frezzer next...then I will be done ( I clean the fridge out every week)

Well I am off to watch Oprah - she has Kirsty Alley on and it sounds interesting!

Will catch up on blogs this afternoon:)
Hope everyone is doing great!!

Sunday, January 15

This week has flown by!
We took the boys to sovereign hill on friday and the had a great time - because it is school holidays they have free kids activities the boys got to dress up as soldiers and had to get gold off the miners and escort it to the bank - where they got paid gold (chocolate) coins for their services, the pic is the boys in their uniforms:)
They also got to make their own candles and dip them in dye to color them. We went down in the mine - which they boys didn't really like! The place looks the same as it did when I was a child. Next time we will go when daylight savings is over so we can see the southern cross show, it was going to start at 10.30 the other night, which was way to late for the boys.
It has been really nice doing things with the boys ~ very soon they won't want to be out in public with us, so we may as well take advantage of family time when we

I weighed in on thursday at 82.9 which was a .6 loss!
Eating has only been OK lately with everyone still on holidays - looking at the scales I have been maintaining through the week which is good!

My father in law gets on the boat tomorrow to come from Tassie, so he will arrive here on tuesday - unless he goes and does some visiting before he comes here! I will be nice to see him - the last time he was here was in March! I don't know how I will go when he is here as I can't get on my air walker or mini tramp while he is parked in the lounge

Well I must go clean out the spare room and make up a bed!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend:)

Wednesday, January 11

Just found a new site I think we will all love:

Go and have a sticky beak:)

Tuesday, January 10

Sorry for the lack of update - We have been doing alot of family things together!
We have taken the kids for day trips into the city, we have had my nieces 5th birthday, a friends 21st and yesterday we went to the funeral of a friends wife - so it was nice to stay home today (and catch up with the
Tommorrow we are going on a river cruise down the Yarra and on thurs or fri we will take the kids to ballarat to visit soverein hill!
Hope everyone is having a great week - I have been reading blogs, but not many comments as I have been so busy:)

Sunday, January 8

A B C's of me!

A is for age: 31
B is for booze of choice:Vodka or Baileys
C is for career: Waitress
D is for your Dad's name: Neil
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Drinkies
F is for favorite song a the moment: The sugarbabes one!
G is for favorite game: Monolopy
H is for hometown: Essendon, Vic
I is for instruments you play: None
J is for jam or jelly you like: rasperry
K is for kids: 2 boys aged 6 and 8
L is for living arrangements: Hubby, 2 kids, 4 chooks and 1 fish!
M is for mum's name: Deslee
N is for name of your crush: My hubby :)
O is for overnight hospital stays: 2 for birth of the boys, 1 for gallstone op, 1 for back spasms
P is for phobias: snakes, creepy crawlys
Q is for quotes you like: We are here for a good time, not a long time
R is for longest relationship: this one, 10 years
S is for sexual prefrences: straight
U is for underwear:anything comfy
V is for vegetable you love: green beans
W is for weekend plans: 5th and 21st birthday parties
X is for x-rays you have had: teeth, body - for gallstones and back
Y is for yummy food you make: Lasagne and all baking!
Z is for zodiac sign: Libra

Monday, January 2

2006 - A fresh Start!

The numbers are in;
New Years day weight was 83.5, which means over Christmas/New years eve I gained 1.4 - which I am pretty happy with, considering I thought it was nearly 3 kilo's!!

Up to now I have lost 14.5 kilo's ( heaviest weight was 98)
I now have 18.5 kilo's left to lose to reach my doctors goal weight of 65 kilo's
( I will see if I wanna go lower when I get there)
I worked out that~
If I was to lose 1/2 a kilo a week, I can easily be at 65 kilo's at the end of september (20th) which is 37 weeks!

My aim for the year is to be at goal of 65, or at least very close by my next birthday (oct 22) That gives me a month leeway as well:)
Looking at it this way, this is very achievable:)

How I will do it~
I have started to re read AJ Rochesters books, and will read Dr Phil again to give me a boost with motivation!
I have also printed out low fat recipes from blogs and the ww website, and gone through my healthy cookbooks and put all our favorites in a note book. Now I have a huge variety of dinners to cook!
I also have put my name down for Paulenes new challenge.

I am also aiming to exercise for at least 30 min per day ( excluding the days I am working) as I am moving the whole time I am at work anyway.
I will stick to drinking my 3 litres of water a day - I don't have much trouble with this one:)
I am feeling really motivated to have a great year - I am not going to worry about what I am eating, just eat healthy - and only when I am hungry:)

...And for something totally un-related...we took the kids to see Chicken Little at the movies today- it was a very funny movie, I recomend everyone to go see it!!

Hope everyone is having a great week:)