Tuesday, May 22

We are home!!

We ended up having to stay longer as there were a few family conferences with various doctors and aged care workers about what is going on, we are looking at putting him in a home, or at the least a daycare centre...they have to do assessments so it will be a long process. They have taken his licence away, which didn't go down to well:)

I have missed the gym so much...over there I didn't get any exercise done, couldn't make my own meals...and drank way to much alcohol...when I did a workout this morning I felt so unfit, goes to show that I have to do it most days!!

Well I hope you all are going well - will try to get around to read some blogs today!!

Monday, May 14

I went through my program at the gym this morning - it was hardish but I felt great afterwards!! I can't wait to do it again tommorrow!!

We are going to Tassie tommorrow night to see Vics Dad.
Our neighbour (who is from Tassie too) went to the hospital to see him on Sunday and he looked terrible (they sent us a pic) , so I've been busy all morning booking flights. The boys and I will come home on thursday afternoon - Vic hasn't booked a return ticket yet, he may stay on a little longer:)

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day!!

I hope all the Mothers out there are
being spoilt by the kids today!!

Friday, May 11

I am happy to report another loss this week, just a little 300g - at least it's a loss eh!

I had my fitness assessment on Wednesday - and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, I got measured, and had to do some flexability tests - reaching for my toes...conclusion made that I am not very flexible, the fact that I have some soreness in my back aparently is limiting me!
I also had to do a test that measured my heart rate and how much oxygen I use when riding the bike...which wasn't to bad....but my score was pretty low.
On Monday I will get my personal program which will be exciting!
So until then I am free to go in and 'play' on the gym equipment.

Today I went to the gym this morning and did some bike, treadmill and the rower before I went to work...and I have already planned to be at the gym at 8am tommorrow to have another session before I start work tommorrow - I was worried that I would be to tired at work after a session, but I was fine today... and I didn't snack at work either, because I didn't want to undo the work I did!!

We have had a bit of bad news the last few days - Vic's Dad has not been well lately, both mentally and physically, we have been getting calls from Vic's sister about his odd behaviour, and he had been sleeping more than usual and not eating much, the tried to get him looked at, but he refused to go!! - he had a fall at home yesterday and was sent to hospital - they are doing tests and things don't look real flash. Vic's grandmaother on his fathers side had alzhiemers for a long time before she died, and his fathers sister was put in a home a few years ago for the same reason... so at the moment its jsut a case of waiting to see what happens....Vic is going to try to get some time off to get over to Tassie to see him soon.

Will write more soon xxx

Monday, May 7

Thankyou for all your kind thoughts for Malcolm, he is doing really well at the moment, still having daily dressings ~the nurses that come to visit are very happy with his progress.

The boys had a great day yesterday ~ they both got to play football during half time at the MGC - during the Melbourne and Port Adelaide match.

Here are the boys before the game...we had great close seats.

Here is Luke when he came off the field...he was so excited!! Luke played in a grid match

Here is Jason and Vic waiting to go on the field - Jason played a little league match (thats why he got a melb top) and Vic was a umpire!

Before the game we stopped and had lunch near Captain Cooks Cottage!
I am still really enjoying water aerobics - I even got up early on saturday morning to do a 8am class (really shocked hubby too!)
I lost another kilo this week too - I am finally in a healthy frame of mind, which really helps keep me motivated!
For the first time ever I have joined a gym. There is a mothers day special going on at the moment which was a really great deal that also includes water aerobics - which is a bargain if I only do water...and I get to use the gym and do other classes as well.
I have a fitness assessment on Wednesday afternoon which I am both nervous and excited about:)