Saturday, April 30

Late updates

I worked with Caroline on friday, cleaning - and afterward we went to the pub for lunch which was fun, but I ate a bit to much, I ate light for dinner though. I had the rest of the ham and broccoli pasta. I drank two litres of water too!

This morning I caught up on my own housework, then went to a baby shower for one of my neighbours - who is due 24 may. I got all clucky holding a little 8 week old :)
Eating was way off, little party pies, quiches ect, and malteaser, and picnic cheesecake, pav and a chocolate cake made from caramello koalas!!
I only had a little of each, but I don't wanna think of the points!!
- I have had my 2 litres of water though:)

It was nice to come home to the boys, who had eaten dinner and bathed and were ready for bed, a nice suprise! They have now settled down to watch a movie.

Not alot happening tommorrow, Vic is working so I might get an exercise dvd out ~ I need to work off alot of

"It's not what you do once in a while - it's what you do day in and day out that makes the difference."

Thursday, April 28

Lost .4

As the title says I lost .4 this week, which I am happy with :)

I feel really motivated at the moment, last night I went through all the old recipies that I had written down, and worked out a few meals for the week, so this week there are no excuses, I have the ingredients for many point friendly meals.

On thursdays it ends up like a bit of a binge, as weigh in is over for the week...but today I did quite well, at weigh in we made banana smoothies, I had kfc for lunch - but instead of a twister combo, settled for a cornel (sp?) burger and a small potato and gravy with a diet coke.
I did have some chocolate this afternoon, which would have put me a bit over on points - but not as much over as I would normally be.
And for dinner I had some
Ham and broccoli pasta,

125g dry pasta
small can light evaporated milk - or half the big one
1 sachet spring vegetable soup mix (cup a soup)
small head of brocoli, chopped and lightly boiled -I used the birdseye steam fresh
and did it in the microwave
200g 97% fat free ham chopped

Boil pasta till cooked, keep warm
Add to pan all other ingredients. Mix well and heat through. Then stir in pasta.

This serves two, so I put a serving in a container for another time.

No planned exercise today - but I did alot ofwalking today doing the shopping, as I had to go to a few different ones to get a present for luke ect. Instead of getting in the car to go around the block( like I used to) I just walked it. So am feeling tired tonight!
Not much water today either, I don't drink much water when I am out all day - to much running to find a toilet - but that will improve tommorrow!

Whilst going through my old recipies ect, I found a heap of quotes that I had written down;

"I shall shape my future
Whether I fail or succeed shall be no mans doing but my own
I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me
Or I can be lost in the maze
My chance, my responsibilty
Win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny."

Wednesday, April 27

Today I have done 20 minues on the airwalker, and had 2 litres of water, eating has been great too!
A pretty quiet day here actually.

After school the boys had auskick, and I was talking with a group of mums, and for the first time I actually spoke about losing weight, one of the other mums brought up the subject as she has started going to ww. So now I am more determined to really get rid of this FAT, since it is out in the open at school, so to speak ( live in a country town, so stuff gets around)....and I don't want this other mum to do better than me
A bit of competition never hurt anyone eh?

Weigh in tommorrow ( fingers crossed)

Ps welcome back to angel, I was missing you!

Flat tire?

Found something I thought I should share;

"If you have a flat tire, do you get out of the car and flatten the remaining three?
Nope, you fix it and get going again."
So...when you think you have 'blown it' for the day, and it's only 10am, you can get back on track at 10.01am.
Don't flatten the rest of those tires!

Write more later:)

Tuesday, April 26

Terrific Tuesday

Was a lovely sunny day here in Lancefield, so I went for a 30 minute walk - it felt great to be out walking. I also did some toning exercises with hand weights.

I also went down to airport west and had a look around, brought a black suade look skirt and a thin jumper with the change I had left from the postie sale on Sunday. I also got some cute pink ribbon with "it's a girl" on it for the baby shower I am going to next Saturday. Now I just have to finish the card.

The goverment pay for activities for the school to run from 3.15 to 5.15 on tues and thurs, today Luke played some games and the older kids played basketball. Jason wanted to join in too but unfortuntely it is run the same days as Karate. Tommorrow is auskick ( the boys have a busier social life than me at the moment :)

I have had my two litres of water already, and my eating was good too!
Well I'm off towatch All Saints, and finish cross stitching the baby card.

Monday, April 25

Anzac Day

Yesterday was great I went to a postie consultants sale with a girlfriend, there were 7 of them there. I picked up a shirt and a pair of pinstripe pants, both of the 1/2 price each. Caroline grabbed a pair of pants , a jacket and winter we both left happy :)

Last night Vic took jason to the Telstra dome to see the richmond/st kilda match, jason's school played the little league game during half time - which was exciting for them both, Vic hasn't been to an afl game since jason was born. So Luke and I had a quite night at home.

No exercise yesterday, but today I did the aerobic part of the ww dvd aswell as the tummy time. Then I helped Vic stack firewood for about a half hour, which I can also count as a bit of exercise!
I am on my second bottle (litre) of water so far which is good.

My neighbours arrived home from Tassie today and gave me a huge bag of apples, so I made a apple cake for school and work lunches, and have made apple crumble for dessert tonight - we are having apricot chicken tonight.

Well I better get going, Vic is due back with another load of wood :)

Ps. I will have a go at the suggestions left about changing bits and peices when I have time to muck around!

Saturday, April 23


Not much happening today. Vic is at work, so I thought I would muck around with this site - I worked out a ticker thingy, but it wouldn't work and I could not work out how to add things like Stats, journals I read ect - I am a vey basic computer person :)
...So if anyone else out there has a clue, I would love to hear from you.

Have been very hungry today, doesn't matter what I eat, I still want something else. I am lucky that Vic took my car today...cause I would have been down the shops already - I hate driving his ute!

On a positive note I did do 20min on the airwalker - I don't normally exercise on the weekend with everyone home, so I was just going to do 10 minues but once I got going I decided I may as well do the whole 20 - since I have benn snacking way to much!
I also have had one litre of water, so I should get another one in before bed!

To A girl running, Thanks for your comment,I went to check out he nectar link out and it took me to
what did I do wrong??

Friday, April 22

A quiet day

Today I just did some house work, and watched a bit of TV.

The school assembly is on fridays, and they had a cartoonist who has been around the school all week, he took the was great, he did some quick cartoons of the principal and some other teachers - the kids loved it!

I have been reading a book 'I can make you thin' by Paul Mckenna~which came with a mind programming cd.

He say's four things to do to be thin for life are;
1. Eat whenever you are hungry.
2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should
3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful
4. Stop when you think you are full

"It's up to you to take the simple daily actions that will make being thin a habit- and some habits were made to last a lifetime."

He has a few difference exercises to do in the book, on motivation and craving busters - so I will be giving them a go soon.

Well I better go get dinner organised - tonight I am making lasagne, from the Annette Sym book!

Thursday, April 21

I lost!!

Weigh in today - and I lost .3.
Which leaves me 18 kilo's to go for my doctors weight of 65 kilos
Which I am really happy about since I only got serious again on Monday.
I did my weekly shopping today, and have planned a few healthy meals for the week, including some fresh veggies and fruit, and I also grabbed a ww pizza for when the rest of the family get one on the weekend!
Then I went and saw my Dad, and spent some time with my little sister ( she will be 2 in sept ) and for lunch had a chow mein sort of concoction my dad made up which was full of I am really full - so it will be something light for dinner!
No planned exercise today..walking around shops for a few hours should count though.

Took Jason to Karate tonight and found hubby stopped on the side of the road, he had run out of petrol 1 km from the service station,(with no money) so I had to get to karate, go home and get money, get the that time I had to pick Jason up again - so the boys have had hot dogs for tea, and I had a toasted sandwich.
Thankyou to Kate and Margaret for your comments:)

Well I'm going to go read a few journals, then settle in and watch 'lost' on TV!

Wednesday, April 20

Relaxing Day

Thankyou to Margaret for that lovely comment,
I have had a full day today, I made up a batch of pumpkin and sweet potato soup - the first time I have cooked with sweet potato, and it was nice.
I then took advantage of being home alone and had a nice long bath - it was wonderful. I didn't really feel like exercise today ...but after the bath I was feeling like I really should, so I did 20 minutes on the airwalker it was a very long 20
I had the ww beef and burgandy for lunch today, with a small bread roll - thanks for the idea Pauline :) which was quite nice for two points.

The boys had Auskick today after school, and I actually helped. It was fun running after the ball, in the past I would never join in!

Weigh in tommorrow, fingers crossed there is some change on the scales!

Happy Birthday Nan!

A little sad this morning, it is my Nan's and her twin (Uncle Alf) 90th Birthday, the first one that they are not around for, Alf died last April and Nan in October ( 6 months apart to the day, freaky as they were twins) . It hit me harder than I thought when Nan died, so I am really thinking about her today.
Last time I saw her, when she was talking, she was so happy that I was losing weight - So I am trying harder for you nan :).
Well I have to go take the boys to school, and get some housework done.
I will update later!

Tuesday, April 19

Day One

I had a look at the betalife video yesterday, it was very interesting... they leave you with some 'tasks' to follow for the rest of the week.
This week I am to have a glass of water, a raw green vegetable and a piece of fruit when I get up - it is to kick start the day, and to also use a food diary.
So far so good, this morning I had some raw capsicum ( one of the only raw veggies I will eat!)
and an apple with my water. I am planning on doing at least 20 minutes on my airwalker while I watch Dr phil at lunchtime.
It feels great to be back in the swing of things - been quite slack lately.