Friday, March 31

I have been very slack lately, and have had alot on my plate, so to speak!

A dear friend was put in hospital a couple of weeks ago with a brain tumor - if it was not operated on she only had 3 weeks left - they operated and got 95% of it, but she may only have 3 months. A very upsetting time!

My father in law was told he has at least 4 years, which in a way is a bit of a relief - but still scary.

Lately I have found myself slipping back into my old habits - eating more takeaway than I have for ages, snacking more, not drinking enough water and being too relaxed about exercise ~and feeling a bit depressed about it all, the result being that my skin is feeling terrible, I have been tired and irritable and I am up a few kilo's - to top it off I have a cold now!!
The kids are back at school so I have started walking with the other Mums again and I am drinking water - I just need to sort myself out foodwise now:)

Enough rambling from me:)
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Friday, March 17

I slept in today which means I missed out on my morning walk ~ I have been feeling crappy about missing exercise!! I know on Monday the girls will be telling me off for not turning up!

Today is hubby's birthday ~we woke him with his presents! The kids have spent part of today decorating a cake for him (so there is icing all over the kitchen!!)

Last night I took the kids to the circus which is on near my Dad's place ~most of the family came, except for Dad. The kids loved it as it was the first one they have been to. We got home very late (which is why I slept in :)

Well hubby is due home soon ~ so better go get things cleaned up!!

Wednesday, March 15

It's been ages since I last posted ~ I have been very busy!

My Dad had some trouble with his knee so I was helping him before he got operated on, the op was last Friday and he is doing really well!
My father in law isn't doing to good at the moment either, his prostrate problem is flaring up and he is getting other tests done - which included a bone scan. We are worried about him, especially yesterday when he sent all his old personal papers to us ~ makes us think he is giving up!

The boys are on holidays now, because of the commonwealth games ~ so the ladies I walk with decided to walk earlier in the morning, so for the last week I have been getting up at 5.30 am to go walking!! A big shock o the
We will go back to walking at 9am when the kids go back to school:)

Not much else has been happening~just having fun spending time with my boys:)

Friday, March 3

I'm back!
Although it's just been over a week, it seems like forever since I got online!
My computer cracked it yet again - so was in getting fixed.

So where to start!

I did gain a kilo last week - as expected, so I was fine with it:)
This week I have stayed the same, which is good as I worked all week and ate both lunch and dinner at work: it is very hard knowing what goes into food that someone else is cooking, and we all sit down to eat together - and I don't want to upset the
- but I have been doing ok, having small portions and filling my plate with salad or vegies!

Work has been going well - no more sackings...thankfully:)

A group of mothers from school have started walking after they drop the kids off - so I have joined in too, they do it every school morning, so if I am not working I will be there!

I am also planning on going for a walk at night after tea, so with two lots of walking and doing my toning ball exercises - I should be really fit!
The days I work I will walk at night only, and night work will be the morning walk - because just being at work burns enough for the walk I would be missing - does that make sense?

Well I am starting to
I am off to find ou what you all have been up to:)