Wednesday, August 15

No real news as yet - Vic's Dad is still not doing well and its looking like it's only a matter of time before he goes, at the moment he is not recognising anyone, and has been talking as if he is back in the old days when he used to serve on the ships. Vic said he had a 'good' day on monday when they visited, he talked about his family and other things in the present - but since then he has gone back in his own world.
Vic is coming home this afternoon, he has said his goodbyes.
The DRs expected him to pass away already...but he has been hanging on, so it could be a week or so - Vic feels that in a way he has already gone, since his memory has.

The boys are going to be happy to see their Dad again - even though they have been speaking to him on the phone, they have been missing him terribly.

Sunday, August 12

Long time between posts...

Things have been very stressful lately,

At the start of the week Vic's Dad was found collapsed on his bedroom floor and rushed to hospital, by Friday he was in intensive care...and has just been getting worse. Vic went to Tassie this morning on the first flight out and has spent most of the day with his Dad...He and his other siblings will be meeting again with the dr's in the morning...but at this stage it looks like all they can do is keep him comfortable until he passes away.
The boys and I are planning to stay home until then...the boys saw him while he still remembered who they they will have good memories of their Poppy.

Friday, August 3


Look in the mirror
And notice
That person
Who greets you
Is beautiful
Say to yourself
You know nothing is
Remind yourself that
Everyone of your dreams
Is within Reach
Think about all of
The People who love you
Who see the beauty in you
And begin to look at yourself
In the same way