Sunday, June 25

I lost .9 this week - which has me weighing in at 84.5 - so my next 'goal' is to get to 80!

Have had a busy weekend - we brought some crushed rock to put down on the driveway - one side was fine, but where Vic made it bigger a few months ago ( where he parks his car) was dirt - and in this weather was turning muddy. So I helped rake (which was a bit of a workout) - and it looks so much better!!

Went to my sisters today for an undercoverware party, it was nice to catch up with all the girls in the family ( while all the kids were off doing something with their fathers). The best part was;

My brothers girlfriend announced that they are pregnant!!!! - she is due in December!
She had a miscarriage 18 months ago - but things are going fine this time:) It is so exciting...My brother is going to be a dad!!

Well it's way past my bedtime ~ will catch up with you all soon:)

Monday, June 19

A while ago, Kirsty put it to us to find a unflattering photo to post to motivate us -
I finally found one!
It was taken at a friends wedding a few years ago.

This was one of the only photo's I can find of me at my heaviest - 98 kilo's.

I actually still have that shirt - will have to get a photo taken with how it fits now. In the photo I had to wear something underneath, because it was tight against the bust!

The school holidays have started well, we have been having air popped pop corn for snacks instead of chips - which is great!!

I have a friend I talk to on MSN messenger - we were talking about how we don't do well over the weekends - (I weigh thurs and she weighs fri) so we have decided to tell each other our monday weight - to make us behave over the weekend! It has helped me this week!!

Hope everyone is going well, and all those on holidays are having a great time!!

Friday, June 16

I want one of these mirrors!!!

Wednesday, June 14

Just wanted to tell you about a site I have been looking at it has some great, easy to cook recipes aswell as articles on health and wellbeing - it's worth a look!!

Things going ok here - not much exercise this week as I have had the boys home sick - but eating is going well!

Just hope it stays that way over the school holidays...a real struggle time for me!

...How excting Kate had her sweet little girl Natalia Raine, yesterday !!

Friday, June 9

Two weeks ago (the day of that huge gain!) at my weigh in club we all had our photo taken, so they could be made into an album and given to our friend Marg who is still in hospital. Her memory for names is a little sketchy but she does recognise our faces - we all wrote a message near our photo!

We were all given a copy of our photo yesterday - and unfortunetly the camera does not lie... the fat around my middle is terrible!

I'm happy they only used head shots in the album...hehe

I definately don't want my body to look like this anymore!!

Even though this is not my heaviest photo at 98 kilo's ( will have to find that one and post it) This is the heaviest that I have been - I have hovered around this weight for around three years now!! REALITY CHECK... things are not working...things need to change!!

I am still in the right headspace to make these changes...and changes I will make...this time for good!!

I picked up a book while I was in coles yesterday - Karen Hobbs 2nd book~the 28 day meal planner...I am really bad at sticking to daily plans, but I have gone though them and worked out my dinners for the week starting 15th June ( I did this weeks shopping yesterday) Main meals is where I have tended to 'stuff up' lately. I have been getting bored with what I am making...I even considered getting the light and easy meals for a while - I have had them before (4yrs ago) and the dinners are lovely but it is just too expensive when I am not working as much as I would like ( it's only 2-3 times a fortnight at the moment)

I am really looking forward to the meals next week - they include noodles with beef and carrot, beef supreme, chicken cannelloni, sweet and sour chicken and zucchini and cheese pasta!

The problem now is waiting till next

Edit: Jasons blog is at

Tuesday, June 6

It has been so cold here in the mornings which has made getting out of bed a struggle!
So my week has been very quiet.
Not stressing about numbers on the scale is making life a whole lot easier - feeling 'free' at the moment...hehe

Things are going well with excerise and water...slowly getting up to two litres a day. Eating is ok..I am finding myself wanting nice warm comfort food~have been pretty good, except for a little blowout on the weekend ( but not gunna stress about that!)

Have been busy helping Jason make a blog page of his own - he has watched me do mine and wanted to have a go! The way he is on the computer he will be teaching me more soon!

He is very happy about the no glasses - the fact Harry Potter wore them did help a little, he got upset about kids teasing at school though. Luke doesn't need glasses - but has always wanted them because his brother had them!!

Well I have to go finish working out my shopping list for the week - hope everyone is having a great day!!

Thursday, June 1

I didn't realise it has been a week since I last has been pretty busy lately!

Jason had an eye appointment the other day ( he has been wearing glasses to read, since half way through prep) he was so happy to find out that he no longer has to waer them ~ a very excited ~ he also had a grading in now he has two brown bars on his green belt!
We have been busy helping make a castle for Jason's homework~ which took ages! I don't know how you mothers that work full time, get everything done!!
This week Luke has to make a person ~ I am so glad I am not working the next few days!!

I weighed in this morning and I have lost another kilo ~ taking the tablets has really helped with the cravings. A friend sent me a yogaltes dvd which I hope to do a few times a week!
I am managing 1 - 2 litres of water a day ~ I find not stressing about the water is helping get it down ( if that makes sense?)

I think I am finally in the right 'headspace' for weightloss at the moment!
I was laying in bed the other night thinking ( as you do!) I am not happy with how fat I am work skirt is starting to get tight, aswell as my vest - my shirt is actully pulling at the bust...I am lucky that the vest covers it!!

My goal at the moment it to be able to breathe properly in my work clothes ~ I am not going to focus on a number ~ I just want to be happy with how I am looking!!

I am going to a wedding in the middle of October, and I would love to be able to wear something nice and flattering...If I was to go this weekend, I would have nothing I am comfortable to wear!
...And of course it is my birthday near the end of Oct too!

Catch up with you all soon XX