Wednesday, February 22

I've been a bit down yesterday and today, because I know that I will definetly be reporting a gain tommorrow - I re-read M's post about negativity which made me really think about things...Like I am only going to be recording a gain because I didn't weigh in last week - my at home weight was 83.3 on the friday, and I am lower than that today - so I really have lost. But it will still be a bad feeling when I weigh in with a number in the GAIN colum!

Had a bit of shocking news this afternoon, my best friend who I also work with (- who helped me get the job I am now at) she recently got a promotion, which made her full time (I am a casual) rang to say she had just got fired! She doesn't even know why -just walked into the office and was told 'off you go'!
I don't have a shift till tommorrow night - I am a little worried about what it will be like at work!

Talking of work - LeeAnne asked if I wore my pedometre to work - I did once for a wedding and the steps were 10364, which is alot of steps!
I don't take my camera to work - but I might have to start if the weddings get interesting - I have to admit it is never boring at work. I am hoping I will be there for a while!!

Well Vic just got home - so I'll go for a walk to try and minimise tommorrows gain:)

P.S Happy birthday to my baby brother , malcolm - he is 17 today!!

Monday, February 20

It's been a while since updates - things are going fine!
Vic's wrist is feeling much better, but he is still being careful with it.
I didn't get to weigh in this week, as I had to take Vic for his check up - I was up on Friday morning at home, but I did have a big dinner wed night - which I normally would not do night before weigh in!

I worked another wedding sat night - the groomsmen all ran around the room nude towards the end which was a bit of a laugh!!

The other day I brought a toning ball, from coles around $8. I saw the guys on biggest loser using the medicine ball, and thought I would like to get one for my granny arms - this one is smaller, and came with a sheet of exercises! I can really feel the muscles I don't normally use in my arms - so I think that it is working!!

Well I am going to go read some blogs:)

Wednesday, February 15

For some reason I am not allowing comments at the moment!
I have gone into setting's and turned them on - but it still isn't on,
What am I doing wrong?

Tuesday, February 14

I hate these photo's - but they needed to be done!
Here are a front and side shot taken this morning - the side is a little wonky, as my son took it!

I am wearing a T-shirt that I only wear around the house, I am hoping to be comfortable wearing it out really soon:)

size 16 top
size 14 jeans
81 kilo's

Here is a photo of the flowers that were just delivered!!
( very handy for me that Vic's supervisor's wife owns the local florist, and he takes orders at work

Hope all are having a great day!

We got the antenna back on the roof, just before biggest loser started - so I did not miss it after all:) Huge thanks to our neighbour! I rewarded him with a whole lot of fundraising chocolate that arrived home with the boys yesterday! - the rest of it went to work with Vic this morning:)

Now that the photo thingy is working again I will scan the photo's I found the other day - I also got my son to take some this morning, this time I am wearing a fitted top which shows more bulges, which I hate - but I will be able to tell the difference more when I lose more weight!!

Not much planned for us tonight - we don't go out for Valentines day since our anniversary is on the 24th of this month! But I have made lasagne and garlic bread for tea which is Vic's favorite:)

Monday, February 13

Thanks for your lovely comments, Sorry I didn't say how Hubby was injured! As most of you know, he works at a tree nursery - on Thursday afternoon he was dragging a heavy pot (with tree in) and the handle snapped so he fell backwards - he didn't want to hit his head on the wooden pole behind him, so he put his hand out to break the fall, bending his wrist way to far the wrong way! His boss took him to the Dr's and they just told him to ice it and come back Monday if it is still sore (very slack). The poor thing was in so much pain the whole night - so I rang the boss in the morning and told her I was taking him to the hospital, she was shocked that no xray was taken the day before!
At the hospital the Dr thought that it may have been broken, but xray showed that the ligaments are badly sprained and he strapped the wrist firmly.
Vic is one of those (annoying) people that never sits down, so it has been hard on him being one handed - and made him quite grumpy too! It didn't help that last night the tv antenna fell off the roof,(which means no tv at all, maybe for a few days!!) and he can't do anything about it with one hand - so I will most likely miss the first biggest loser tonight ~ not happy!
He has gone back to work today (light duties) and will just take things easy.

Last night I was going through old notebooks and things, and I found some of my fat photo's and some really motivating quotes, which I will post soon!
~since my computer has been playing up, it hasn't let me post photo's - they don't load properly in flickr. But I will post them when I can!

I have been reading a few blogs this morning ~ it sounds like the girls that met up in Sydney had a great time! I wish I could have gone too :) Maybe all you girls should come down to melb!!

Hope you are all having a great week:)

Friday, February 10

Just a quick update to let you know I'm still here!
Weighed in and lost .6 this week - very happy
Will write more later - looking after injured hubby at the moment!

Monday, February 6

We had a very productive weekend! On saturday I cleared out the rest of the spare room and we painted, which has made a huge difference! We had some spare paint leftover so we did the upstairs bathroom and toilet as well. I even painted one wall in the kitchen where he table is, the previous owners had their table pushed up against the wall, and it left a huge mark that I could not remove without paint coming off as well ( I have hated it for a long time!) now it's done and I can put the kitchen table where I
On Sunday I moved all my stuff upstairs, I now have a computer desk area, a space for my scrapbook and cross stitch things - and a table with shelves underneath - the boys toys are on the shelves, which leaves the top for my scrapbooking - and for the boys to do homework!
I even have a corner for my minitramp!
I am loving having my own room already!! (can you tell!!)

In response to Mary's question; what did I do differently this week? Well I stared exercising again, and I spent alot of time cleaning out my 'new' room - which kept me occupied, which means no time to!

On this weeks weight loss - I did eat a bit to much Friday night, and have snacked my way through the weekend! So today I am going 'back to basics' - to try and stop too much damage!
I am already on my 3rd litre of water and have done 40 mins airwalker - so things looking good today:)

Friday, February 3

I weighed in yesterday at 81.2 - a loss of 1.2 which I am very pleased about:)

Thankyou for your comments regarding the in laws situation.
Vic got home from work late wednesday night - after a few drinks with he guys, so he was in a good mood when he got home! So fortunetly there were no explosions over here:)

After disscussing the situation, instead of Vic ringing up - then probably ending up in a yelling match, which normally happens. I dedcided to write a letter to FIL from me giving our side of the story, and including that it's hard for Vic as he is stuck in the middle of all the bickering - and that he can't do anything from over here! And the only reason he said anything was because he was sticking up for his father!!
The letter will probably get there on Monday ~ so we will just see what happens from there!

Today is my Dads birthday (52nd) so we will be going to spend family time with him tonight!

Hope you all have a great weekend:)

Wednesday, February 1

I am feeling very stressed at the moment, I really felt like going and getting some chocolate - but came on here instead (feeling proud of myself for making a better decision)
I just recieved a letter from my father in law!
You don't have to read the little print, I needed to vent!

When FIL went on the boat to home, hubby rang his sister ( who (FIL-Ray) lives with) all she ever does is put FIL down, when Vic said that he was on the way home, and that he had had a nice visit, her reply was 'silly old prick' - which of course sent Vic into a temper! When Ray was here he was telling us how vic's brother in law has been pushing him around, and that he wants to move out - the problem is that all his money is tied up in their house. He wants his money back, but they won't get a loan out to pay him off! Vic was livid that BIL has been pushing him around (physically) and sister is letting it happen - so he told his sister if it happens again he will be on their doorstep with a baseball bat! ( and break BIL kneecaps) - He also added before the conversation finished that if Ray was told that he had called 'shit would hit the fan' - she promised that nothing would be said, and that BIL would not touch him again!

So I got this letter today saying they told him as soon as he got home ( which Vic is going to be wild at them) and that he better write an apology to his sister!

I am going to have to be careful about when I give him this letter! He is going to explode!!

I spent a fair bit of yesterday cleaning up the spare room (not really in the mood to do any more today) I have thrown out alot of stuff and sorted things out which is great. Normally when we 'clean' the room - it's mostly surface cleaning, but this time I am going through all the boxes (huge job!)
Talking to hubby last night - we have decided once I am done, we are going to paint the room - then I will move my computer stuff, aswell as my scrapbook and cross stitch things - which hubby is happy about, as it will ge rid of alot of 'clutter' in the lounge and dining areas! Which he admitted that he has hated the stuff everywhere for ages!
As there will be no TV up there - this will be the place for the boys to go up and do their homework quietly. I will have a table up there so they can spread out posters, and not have to move it all because we are having dinner! - And I can use it for scrapbooking!
We had great fun working out how to change the dining area - once my stuff is out of the way:)

Well weigh in tommorrow - I am hoping for a good result, as I have exercised for 3 days in a row!!

Hope everyone is going well! - I am feeling calmer now! It feels good to vent:)
Will update tommorrow with my weigh in results:)