Friday, May 26

I am very happy to say I Lost .6 this week - hopefully it will be all downwards from

Just a short post tonight - I started work at 6am this morning and didn't finsh till I'm pretty knackered!!
Will try to get online during the weekend:)

Hope you all have great weekends!!

Wednesday, May 24

I am still

Things have been pretty busy workwise - which is great for the bank balance...when I get home I have no time on the computer with Jason hogging it up! He really went through withdrawls when it was

Things have been better eating wise...I have done some exercise, though only drinking 1 litre of water - I am finding that really hard!
I am still taking those metabolism tabs - don't know if they are making any difference - I have not been craving things as much....but this may just be in my head!

I will have to keep this short - Luke is home not feeling to well!

Hope everyone is going well:)

Thursday, May 18

I weighed in today - and I have gained a whopping 4 kilo's in 2 weeks!
I am very 'annoyed' ( that's a nice way to put it) at myself that I let it get that bad. I have done my shopping today and have lots of healthy food - I WILL have a better week this week!!

I also brought some blackmores Metabolism advantage, because they were on special - so I will be giving them a go starting tommorrow - I am using them as a kickstart to get back on track!!

I hope everyone else is doing well, I will update more later:)

Monday, May 15

All my computer problems are sorted - I had to get a new "box" as well as a modem!

I have really missed not being able to post - and read everyones elses, as it is so much easier to stay on track with the support that we all give each other!

Eating is not going so good at the moment, I had a few bad days - which turned to weeks, so I really need to get focused again. I am finding it hard to get back into the water again ( I used to drink 3 litres, now am only getting though 1) - I think the colder weather is not helping! I have not been out walking due to rain, and afternoons getting darker.

My friend Marg is still going well in pallitive care, another local lady who was loved by the whole town died unexpectantly last week which has really shocked the whole town - her funeral was on Friday it was one of the biggest that I have been to.
It has made me really realise that life is way to short - I don't want to spend the time I have unhappy about myself!

Hope you all had a great mothers day, my husband actually shocked me by making a reservation!!! something he has never done before. We went to a chinese resturant in Essendon that we used to go to before the boys were born, and he also had a lovely bunch of flowers waiting - will post a pic when I have put the software on the computer.

Well i must go get the rest of this computer set up!
Hope all is well with everyone:)

Tuesday, May 2

Just a quick post to let you know I am still here - I am having trouble connecting to the net at home, so have had to sneek into the school computer!!
Hope everyone is well - will read all your blogs as soon as I can:)